The School Library is well stocked and continues to swell with fresh arrivals. Regular library period for each class is included in the educational program.

Computer Lab

Computer literacy is a part of academic curriculum and there is an air-conditioned computer laboratory, which provides training in the use of computers to students studying in the Junior and Senior Schools.

Science Laboratories

    The School has a new constructed Science laboratory which is well equipped and caters for all  the demands and requirements of students in the Senior  and Junior School.

Cafeteria and Cooperative Store

In order to provide the students quality food canteen opens early in the morning and serves food, drink and other eatable till late  night. Strict hygienic standards are maintained.
    The cooperative store caters for the need of the students by providing them stationery items and photostat facility at subsidized rates.

Advanced Educational Aids

Sanai's have taken initiative to introduce ICT in SSS to get the maximum learning output. Sanai's also have an exclusive privilege of introducing 3-D animation system in the education of Science and Maths that is going to have a telling effect on the learning of these subjects. The detailed information about the system is given over leaf.