Sanai School System has become a legendary center of quality education in a short span of time. Its brilliance in teaching and novel activities. Remarkable results are the evidence of its wonderful performance. It is located in one of the most audacious city of the country, declared as City of Eagles, attracting students not only from the city but also acrosss the villages and towns located around the city. SSS offers broad-based education in which students study a variety of subjects. The body of knowledge that the students gain at SSS, together with tools of examination and ability to analyze and use waht they learn enable them to develop opinions, attitudes, values and beliefs, based not upon authority, ignorance, whims or prejudice, but upon their own evaluation of argument and evidence. We foster the developement of an active engagement with knowledge, and not just the passive reception of facts.


The distinguish receptable high status of SSS attracts highly qualified and experienced persons to be on staff of this esteemed institution and many of them are M.Phils. The strength of their work lies in their commitment to go beyond traditional boundaries and they carry out new expriments. This experimental approach has led SSS to innovative and result oriented status. To ensure hard work and competency SSS also awards scholar-ships to distinguished, hard working and talented students. We welcome new ideas and forms of audio visual experiences which make teaching learning process a useful and intersting activity.

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