Every so often, a generation is blessed with extra ordinary individuals who redefine their chosen sphere. However, it is only quite late in their lives that one can truly appreciate their remarkable achievements and the legacies they leave in the hearts and minds of those touched by them. Mrs. Akhtar Sanai is one such person - a legend.


Mrs. Sanai, an educator, the pioneer of Sanai School System. a staunch social reformer and intellectual, was born in Amritsar, India in Dec, 1925. Her father Mr. Abdul Aziz Wain. a police official in Bopal State India, passed away when she was in her 1st year of college. This set back however, did not deter her and she continued her studies till finally graduated from the Aligarh University. 0n migration to Pakistan in 1947. she was married to Mr. Baha Ullah Sanai in 1949 and was blessed with two sons and two daughters. Her hasband left her for his eternal abode in 1962 when youngest daughter was only 2 years.


Such trail & tribulation would prove to be a common feature of her life, but she rose above them. her new era started when she went to Presentation Convent School for the admission of her eldest son. The administration peeped into the distinguished lady who could help them in reshaping convent school with a professional touch, showed far more interest in taking the mother i.e. Mrs. Sanai on their teaching faculty roll than giving her son an admission. The management of the school did not give up on the refusal, rather continued to influence Mrs. Sanai on joining the school. Finally she joined and next 30 years of her life were dedicated to the children of Presentation Convent High School Sargodha, as well as bringing up her own little ones single handedly.


She eventuatly retired from Convent School in the year 1989. In her very 1 st year of retirement she very strongl felt it difficult to spend rest of her retired life not doing any thing. So again with untiring determination she took upon herself to serve Sargodhians in the field in which she was really good at i.e. education. Thus with missionary spirit the foundation of Sanai Academy was laid in the year 1990. She had only 18 students in her Montessori in the 1st year, but later her hard work dedication and devotion started bearing fruit and now the Sanai School's population (Alhamdulillah). has swelled to about 3000 students and is a recognized force to reckon with.


First and fore-most. a teacher excellence. Mrs. Sanai is renowned for her logical argumentation dispassionately elucidating knowledge on a step by step basis. This, combined with discipline and a genuine desire to groom her students. she is well respected and a firm favourite amongst her students. She is still in many ways. the recoganizationsi heart beat, setting ambitious goals and expanding ralm of possibilities. Mrs. Sanai's endeavours have proved to be a boon for the Sargodhians and have acted as a dynamic force for educational change in Sargodha. Her satisfaction in school's excellent SSC examination results, from its very 1st batch till date, is the culmination of the standards that she has set for the school. The generation of students. teachers and admin staff who have been in touch with her are so deeply steeped in her legacy. May Allah the Almighty may her soul rest in piece. Ameen

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