As a rule, there is only one point of entry and that is in the nursery section of the School. Parents/guardians may register their children when they attain the age of minimum 3 years. Students under 3 years will not be registered. Admission beyond nursery section can be granted subject to the availability of seats. A non refundable registration fee is to be paid with each application. This registration is valid for one admission test only. The prescribed application form is attached.


All the students thus registered will be called for tests and interviews for which date will be announced. Candidates will have to appear at the time and dates fixed for test/interview or else their registration will be treated as cancelled. Admission will be based on a candidate’s performance in the test and availability of seats in the respective classes. Those finally selected for admission will be required to join the School as per instructions of the Principal.


Except in special circumstances, nobody is admitted in any class after the commencement of the academic year. Seats occurring vacant during the course of an academic year are kept unfilled till the beginning of next session. As for exceptional cases, they will be admitted during the first and second terms subjected to availability of seats and their qualifying the admission tests.




Uniformity of age group in respective classes is ensured at the time of admission. Candidate’s appearance should confirm to his/her declared/recorded age. An overgrown student asking for admission in lower class will not be considered. He/ She may, however, be admitted in class appropriate to his/ her apparent age, provided seats exists in that class and he/ she clears the prescribed entrance test.


We spread our wings for future generations


Nursery school


Sanai nursery is the most acclaimed name of the town which is providing the little one’s a ground, tender yet solid to keep their feet on. The entrance to the Sanai School is through this starting place, children of age 3 and 3 ½ are granted admission to ensure uniformity of age group and facility to parents. Sanai Nursery welcomes its entrants twice a year. There are three stages of nursery. The child spends about two years in the nursery and qualifies the playgroup (6 months), educational group (6 months) and pre-prep group (1 year) so as to be promoted to prep class at the age of 5 years. During this nursery period, the higher order of thinking is created among the children by sharpening their cognitive skills like memory, attention, processing, sequencing and problem solving.To highten the basic skills ol kids Audio/Video aids are taken as an assistant because concrete material leads to understanding abstract concept in a better way.




Junior / Senior Age (4 to 5)


After assessment, according to their IQ and ability the children are promoted to Junior/Senior Pre-Prep. Here they learn word making and short sentence making After spending a full year of learning the basic reading and writing skills, now they are put ahead to Prep class for formal subject wise schooling.


Junior School:


The junior campus comprises of a spacious lounge and cool luxury, rooms with conducive class room environment. Embellished and painted walls. vastplay ground and a pet corner are there toprovide great attractions to young learners. Our junior campus comprises of class prep to class iii and it follows the term system for evaluation of student's performance. The pass marks are 60% and promotion to the next class is based on the result of the mid & final term examination held during the year. Apart form academic subjects. children are encouraged to display creativity through drawing, painting and other such activities in the classrooms. Video films having educational value are shown 11 to them, as required. The latest eureka 3-D animation system is utilized extensively for making science' and Math's understanding easy.


Elocution (Tajweed):


Tajweed is a religious duty when reciting the Qur'an to the best of one's ability. Therefore., our institution has also commenced tajweed classes right from the grass root level. Well trained faculty has been appointed to serve/ the purpose.


Senior School:


The Senior School comprises of class IV and above. It follows the same term pattern as in the junior school. Final examination covers the syllabi studied during, the entire academic year and the minimum pass marks are 60%. The students are expected to pass in all the subjects in the final term for promotion to the next class.


Separate Girls and Boys Campuses:


In senior school girls and boys have been housed in separate campuses where it is ensured that a minimum possible interaction is Involved between both genders. The entry gates as well as break timings are absolutely different for both genders.




SSS has also estahlished Shoba-e-Hifz to provide comfortable environment to the Quran learners.




The Daily Morning assembly begins with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by their translation and explanation in English. Also small talk on different aspects of character building is delivered to the entire school. Children are made to memories a number of Duas and day starts with the recitation of these in the morning assembly.




Special Emphasis is laid on the broad Islamic orientation of students and concerted efforts are made to inculcate national spirit in them. The values of the past are matched with the possibilities of future and students are prepared to be self-reliant, confident and trushworthy. This objective is the guiding principle behind all our educational activities and programmes.


We welcome you all to join Sanai School System, an institution having an environment which promises enriching and exciting learning experience.

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