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The Sanai School

Sanai School System is a legendary centre of quality education.Its brilliance in teaching and novel activities and remarkable results are the evidence of its wonderful performance.It is located in one of the most audacious cities of the country,declared as City of Eagles,attracting students not only from the city but also across the villages and towns located around the city.Sanai School Systen offers broad-based education in which students study a variety of subjects. The body of knowledge that the students gain at Sanai School System,together with tools of examinationand ability to analyze and use what they learn enable them to develop opinions,attitudes,values and beliefs.This all is based not upon authority,ignorance,whims or prejudice,but upon their own evaluation of argument and evidence.We foster the development of an active engagement with knowledge, and not just the passive reception of facts.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to train future leaders and professionals who set new standards in knowledge and compassion. Our exceptionally well qualified and committed faculty provides combination of nurturing support and challenge to the students to reach their maximum potential.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to impart education to children whose prior school experience or progress may not have been adequate and permit such students to flourish and achieve results to the level of their potential.

Core Values

Sanai School System is a quality institution combining excellence accepting spirit.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Green School

Sanai School System uses natural light (Solar System) ,saves energy,ensures good indoor air quality and promotes environmental literacy...More

Subsidize Education

There are cases when lack of resources and problems in paying tution fee block academic journey of many brilliant students...More

Free Education

Sanai School System is a leading and serving institution and realizes that education is a principal factor for getting high paying jobs...More

Help Funds

The thinking,excellence can be achieved in a caring community,mobilizes SSS to establish 'Help Funds'...More


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